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We are witnessing unprecedented civil unrest and destruction of our cities via a criminal, Marxist movement that is extremely organized, violent, and a grave threat to our Republic. We are witnessing the very early stages of a Communist Revolution in attempt to overthrow the Gov’t of the United States. The Organizers behind these destructive events that are camouflaged as “Peaceful Protests'' have no plans to stop this anytime soon. Matter of fact they are emboldened due to the lack of push back from local governments that are actually in favor of this type of destructive behavior. Many have publicly stated that these protests will not stop regardless of the 2020 presidential election outcome.

Make no mistake, these people hate America and all that it stands for. They are using tried and true methods of Marxist rebels, fascists and communist dictators that were responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people in the 20th Century. Please don’t take my word for it. Do your own research on these groups. Ironically in the middle of a World-wide Pandemic they are no longer “wearing masks”. They will tell you exactly who they are and what their goals are.

So what can we do?

Know that you are on your own. The police cannot protect property or the citizens in the cities that are under siege from the violent offenders committing acts of terror to include; arson, assault, felonious property destruction and racial and politically motivated murder.

On a related note. Our nation's finest are retiring early in massive quantities due to the perceived lack of support from their administrations and local gov’t in shall we say more “progressive cities”. With a vacuum needing to be filled, who is going to fill it? What kind of officers are we gonna get if we disparage career police officers as racist and evil doers? We will get the police we deserve. So remember that the next time some “enlightened individual” says to you. “You know, I really think we need more Psychologists and social workers on the street and less police officers.”

Just know that the Police are not going to be able to save you. There are simply not enough of them to protect you from these violent mobs. I have put together a list of a few things that you should consider in preparation for this unprecedented time in our nation’s history.

1.The single most important factor in your survivability is the gray matter between your ears. Mindset. Having the proper mindset to prevail on any encounter is far more important than the hardware you carry on your hip or in a pack. Decide what you are willing to do in any given situation ahead of time. Know that may mean the difference between life and death for you or a loved one. Have that conversation with yourself now. Know what you can ( Legal, Morally and Physically) do. When you can do it, and Be prepared to carry it out immediately.

2. If you don’t have a concealed carry permit; get into a class as soon as possible. For example; Wait times to receive your permit in the state of Nebraska are 45 days out. Vet your instructors. Don’t price shop.

Train often. I know that ammo is unbelievably expensive, even if you can find it, so frequent short but intense focus sessions doing dry work can be a critical benefit to your state of readiness with a handgun. Practice reloads, marksmanship skills, point shooting skills, and covert and overt drawing methods with different types of clothing that you are wearing. Visualization and role playing scenarios are key to improving your performance under stress.

Carry your handgun and at minimum, one extra high capacity reload on your person at all times where it is legal to do so. Avoid places that do not allow concealed carry. Carry a folding pocket knife for utility purposes but also as a last ditch personal defense weapon (PDW) where firearm carry is prohibited. If possible, for some a “Truck gun” AR-15 type carbine/rifle a lever action carbine may be an option. Make sure you check state laws for legality of carrying such a firearm.

3.Get some Medical/Wound Care Training. Basic first aid is not enough. CPR and AED and anti-choking skills are important but you will need to get some training in “STOP the Bleed” for massive hemorrhaging, lacerations, gunshot wound care, and blast injuries.

4. Learn simple gross motor Combative Skills. In WWII it was called Gutterfighting. This is not a time to focus on “Twisty lockey” martial arts style, dojo dancing, but 100% power development skills to include; empty hand strikes, low line kicks and stomps to vital areas. face, eyes, throat, neck, spine, groin, shins and mid section. The only dirty fight is the one you Lose..” J. Kelly McCann

Ground fighting is not an option in a crowd. If you get knocked down your goal should be to get up as quickly as possible. Learn to use improvised weapons that are at your disposal from stick, a chain to a blade. I can train a 100 lb female with the proper mindset, in about 15 mins to render a determined male attacker helpless, with only a 3.5 Inch sharp blade in her hand.

5. Awareness and Avoidance are going to be your best tools in staying safe. Stay away from areas that are likely to be gathering places for protests or demonstrations. Paying attention to what is going on around you will afford you the ability to react to it properly. It is always better to identify a developing situation and avoid it at all costs. If the fight is brought to you so to speak you must do whatever you have to do to prevail in that encounter. De- Escalation skills and proper “Choice Speech/aka Verbal Judo”skills are excellent for normal one on one disagreements with the jerk that is mad about you taking his parking spot by mistake, but these tactics will likely not work against a rabid crowd that is hopped up ideological hatred and adrenaline, not to mention Illicit substances. The science of Mob violence can most likely fill volumes, so don’t try to unpack it here. Just know that it is best to avoid it.

6. Dealing with Crowds. If you work in those areas where “demonstrations” are likely to take place, plan to leave work early and look for an alternate route(s) that keeps you from being at the epicenter where the crowds can stop your vehicle from forward movement. If your vehicle is surrounded, continue to move forward and make sure all doors are locked and windows are up. Consider what would happen if your vehicle was completely stopped and the crowd pulled you out of your vehicle. Take that into consideration and use it as motivation to not let them stop your vehicle. If possible, use a reverse out or a 3 point turn to avoid the crowd and drive away from it. If people throw items or damage your vehicle while in motion, continue to drive and do not get out to confront them. Bent vehicles can be replaced. “Bent people” cannot.

7. Vehicle Preparation. Plan for all types of contingencies not just mob violence. Severe weather is more likely to kill unprepared travelers than a mob so prepare your vehicle accordingly. Keep vehicles maintained with regular oil changes and maintenance to include checking condition of tires and air pressure. Ensure that your spare tire is inflated and in good condition and that you know how to change a flat damaged tire and that you have the jack and tire iron in the vehicle.

Soon winter months will be upon us so having appropriate clothing to include base insulation layers, hats, gloves and wool socks for all members of the family in a go bag is something that will pay huge dividends if your vehicle gets stuck or breaks down. Other items to consider having in your vehicle: a compact lightweight snow shovel in winter months, a case of bottled water all year around, hand warmers, headlamps and fire starters and a small survival kit with space blankets or space sleeping bags.

They are very reasonably priced for just a few dollars for a blanket or bag. Multiple methods of signalling especially if traveling in remote or rural areas. Can be flashlights, Road flares and Orange side of Emergency blanket etc. Simple Breaching tools to break into or out of fortified areas, structure, or building etc. A small handheld sledgehammer is less than $30 dollars and a very capable camp axe/hatchet can be purchased from any hardware store for around the same price. Look at Estwing hatchets.

8. Aid Bag. To include “Stop the Bleed” Massive hemorrhaging medical devices such tourniquets, pressure dressings and wound packing material. Coagulant impregnated gauze aka "Combat Gauze/Chito gauze" is best but regular Kerlex gauze is better than nothing at all. “Boo boo kit” for scrapes, splinters and small cuts. A larger Aid bag should be in your vehicle but you should have access to a TQ/ pressure dressing with you or on your person or in a small day pack with you at all times.

9 Carrying a Day pack. This should be Nondescript. Camouflage is discouraged. (Think Gray man) A Day pack can include a wide variety of things depending on your environment, your proximity to “No Go Zones” and the job or tasks you are faced with on a daily basis. Caution: The more gear you carry in the bag, the heavier it is, the less likely you are to have it with you or grab it in an emergency situation, so assess what you carry in it very carefully. Items for consideration: laptop, phone charger, Small “Stop the Bleed kit”, Extra handgun ammunition in magazines, Water bottle, Multi tool, “Snivel gear”, and possibly for some, a pistol or rifle caliber carbine with brace, folding stock and extra magazines if needed. This may be overkill for most but if where you live or work is experiencing violence on a frequent basis then having a bit more “firepower” may be what is needed.

10. Planning and Teamwork . Have a tactical plan regarding what actions( Battle Drills) you will take if you are thrust into a violent encounter and rehearse them with family and “team members”. Remember, Evasion and Escape are the best options in avoiding the mob type attack. Engagement should be avoided unless you need to intercede due to a family member or loved one being in danger. Talk to your family about reunification plans if you get separated. Train them in First Aid and Stop the Bleed, Firearms proficiency and awareness and avoidance principles and tell them to trust their instincts, Intuition is hard wired inside of us to protect us from danger. Align with and pool resources and expertise with like minded individuals. Rambo isn’t real. Your neighbors are and can be valuable resources.

In Closing; this primer is by no means all encompassing but hopefully it will give prepared-minded individuals some food for thought regarding these unprecedented times we find ourselves in. Make no mistake, this movement is camouflaged as a noble political agenda but know that it is most definitely a Spiritual battle. A battle of good vs evil. Without the United States as we know it, Evil forces would march unopposed all over the face of the earth. No other country in the history of the world has done more to uplift the human condition and spread freedom and democracy worldwide than the United States of America. Having faith in God always, but especially in these trying times will pull us through this. Remember that God is in Control.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”

And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” Isaiah 6:8


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