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Gear Recommendations and  Considerations

I am often asked what kind of rifle should I get or handgun for concealed carry or type of holster and should I buy Trauma gear?

I am so glad they ask every single time, because IETG LLC wants to provide VIP treatment, skill building instruction and of course advice on what kind of gear we recommend. So it depends. Your mission should drive your gear selection. For example; a female who may want to carry a concealment firearm on her person 365 days a year will need a different firearm, a different holster or a variety of carrying options than a Police officer who needs a full sized firearm with a weapon mounted light for duty purposes.

I have been in Tactical Training industry for well over 2 decades and I have spent my fair share of hard earned cash on a ton of gear that wasn't what it was all cracked up to be. So I love to steer my students in the right direction on equipment and support gear recommendations.

Here are few of my rules on buying equipment that you may have to bet your Life on.

1. Buy Once Cry Once. Buy the best gear you can afford the first time.

2. Buy US made Tactical Gear. In general, although a bit more expensive, the US made materials are of higher quality than that of overseas manufacturers.

3. 10% Rule. Spend a Minimum of $50 on a holster for a $500 handgun. You can spend more and remember, that holster will be literally cradling the very tool you may have to rely on to save your life or someone else's. So make it a high quality holster.

My amazing Assistant Instructor, Micah Gardner put together a comprehensive list of Top Quality Brands that we both recommend for all of your self defense and tactical needs. Feel free to "shoot" us any questions that you may have!!

Gear Recommendations

Holster Companies:

Belts (Everyday Carry)

Belts (Duty/War Belts)

Off Body Carry Bags/Purses

Training Aids

Tap Rack Trainers :

Dummy Trainer Rounds

Sirt Training Pistols

ARs/AR Parts

Complete Rifle Builds

For a Custom, Locally built IN EXTREMIS TACTICAL GROUP Spec'd Fighting Carbine. He builds all my working/training carbines. More to come on this!



Muzzle Devices

Bolt Carrier Groups

Charging Handles



Pistol Braces



Red Dots

Lower Powered Variable Optics (LPVO)

Firearm coatings, grip stippling and laser engraving

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