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NEBRASKA Concealed Handgun Certification Course

Our Concealed Handgun Permit courses are definitely our most requested courses. As much we love educating First time shooters/gun owners and even veteran shooters, the CHP course is really just the first step in preparing yourself for the dangers the world may unexpectedly throw at us. 

The basics of personal protection and all the other aspects the are included in our CHP course to include but are not limited to; mindset and stress and behavioral responses to threat, children and gun safety and storage,
Situational Awareness and the Avoidance the Importance of Readiness, Use of Force, Nebraska State Statutes, how to handle involvement with EMS and LEOs, what to expect in the aftermath of a lethal force encounter and how to qualify maintain your CHP credentials. 
Extensive dry fire and manipulation and live fire portion which includes threat focused and sighted fire shooting and a State qualification. 

Once again, as comprehensive as this beginner course is, it is still simply the first step in becoming proficient in developing enough skill and ability to be able to protect you and your loved ones. 
Come train with us in beautiful Cedar Valley Hunt Club in Stanton.

To register, call Mark and Traci Christiansen / Cedar Valley Hunt Club at – 402-439-5400

Xtreme Handgun Level 1 


Lays the foundation for the defensive use of the handgun. This “Core Skills” course revolving around close engagements when the shooter is ‘Threat Focused’. No advanced training can be conducted without a thorough understanding of these fundamental skills. Any level of shooter can benefit from this course.

  • Mindset/Behavior and Stress Management

  • Behavior based training theory

  • Weapons handling/manipulations

  • Fundamentals of Threat Focused Marksmanship

  • Tactical Sustainability Methods 

  • Handgun Stoppage Reductions skills

  • Live fire Safety Brief

  • Intro to Threat Focused Shooting

Xtreme Handgun Level 1.5 

Continues into area of “Contextual Shooting Skills” by understanding how to use how to use your handgun sights depending on the orientation of a threat. Any level of shooter can benefit from this “Core Skills” course. 

  • Review of Weapon Manipulations

  • Into to the Combative Draw Stroke

  • Marksmanship Fundamentals of partially and fully sighted fire

  • Live Fire Contextual shooting drills

  • Multiple threat engagement drills

Xtreme Handgun Level 2 

Progresses into “Gunfighting skills” by executing the fundamentals on demand. By combining shooting fundamentals with Tactical Movement we can increase our chances of survival in close quarter engagements. Students who have a thorough understanding of safe weapons handling and possess fundamental shooting skills may attend this course. 

  • Review of Threat Focused shooting

  • Contextual Shooting Drills

  • Turning and shooting

  • Intro to Tactical Movement for Close Quarter Engagements

  • Linear lateral and Lateral Movements

  • Integrated Handgun manipulations with movement

Xtreme Handgun Level 3


Continues into more “Gunfighting skills” by introducing the student how to use Cover and  Concealment. By combining shooting fundamentals with the Use of Cover and Tactical Movement prepares the defensive minded citizen for a wide variety of variables that are factors in prevailing in a violent, close quarter engagement.  Students how have attend Xtreme Handgun 1 and 2 or are intermediate/advanced shooters may attend this course. 

  • Review of Contextual Shooting

  • Behaviorally compliant  Use of Cover/Concealment

  • Movement to cover 

  • Live fire engagements from Cover

  • Alternative Shooting Positions from Cover 

  • Integrated Handgun manipulations with use of Cover

Xtreme Handgun Level 4


Takes the shooter into the “Bad Breath” distance or Extreme close quarters gunfighting range.  By Integrating empty hand combative skills with close quarters shooting face up close and personal violent encounters. Intermediate level shooter or have completed Xtreme Handgun Level 1 minimum required to attend this course. 

Course Content: 

  • Into to Empty Hand Combative skills 

  • Handgun retention methods

  • Integrated Combative skills and live fire shooting drills

  • Live Fire Retention shooting skills

  • Alternative force options 


1 Day Urban Defender Level 1 Carbine Course

The Urban Defender Level 1 Carbine Course is designed for the absolute novice, immediate and even the experienced carbine shooter. The course is built upon a strong foundation of weapons handling/ manipulation skills, the fundamentals of marksmanship and being able to make accurate shots at close quarter distances out to two hundred yards, on demand.

Whether the purpose is to improve your general shooting skills for use in hunting, competition, or self defense, the end user will come a way with an effective system in which to run their carbine with confidence and consistency.

Upon the completion of this course the Student is qualified to attend the Urban Defender Level 2 Carbine Course which includes moving, transitions to pistol, use of cover, "Gun fighting" and problem solving skills and engaging targets out to several hundred yards.


Course Content:

Carbine Function/Overview

Dissection and diagnostics

Support equipment considerations

Dry/Live Fire Safety brief and line procedures

Weapons ready positions

Fundamentals of Marksmanship

Zeroing the carbine 50-200 yard BZO

Use of irons, red dot and magnified optics

Positional shooting

Reloading methods (sustainability)

Stoppage reduction methods


Required Equipment:

Serviceable AR-15 style carbine

Sling 2 point adjustable or single point sling

Min. 3 Thirty round Magazines

Carrying method for magazines (belt, thigh or chest rig)

300 plus rounds of .223, 5.56 rnds

Appropriate range attire

Cold/Inclement weather gear

Eye and eye protection

1 Day Urban Defender Level 2 Carbine Course

​This is the intro to Carbine "Gun fighting"! This fast paced course includes moving, transitions to pistol, use of cover, and problem solving skills and engaging targets on demand! A challenging course for sure, but this course will prier the Student to be able tatted any other advanced course IETG offer

Required Equipment:

Serviceable AR-15 style carbine

Sling 2 point adjustable or single point sling

Min. 3 Thirty round Magazines

Carrying method for magazines

(belt, thigh or chest rig)

300 plus  rounds of .223, 5.56 rnds

Serviceable handgun /holster and min 3 magazines

100un rounds of handgun ammo

Appropriate range attire

Cold/Inclement weather gear

Eye and ear protection

1 Day Advanced Urban Defender Level 3 Carbine Course

This will be a fast paced course covering Advanced Skills!

This is where the skills learned and developed in Carbine levels 1 and 2 are put to the test of real world type training applications. The purpose is to test the shooters ability to adapt to the environment and run the gun proficiently and under simulated stress to be able to make hits on Demand! 

This physically challenging course is a culmination that will help prepare the end user to prevail in a Life and Death fast paced lethal encounter. 

Take advantage of this great opportunity to up your skills before summer slips away from us.

This course is open an Open Enrollment Civ/LEO/Mil course and is limited to only 12 Students.

Prerequisites are required to attend this fast paced course. Please call or email Devin Crinklaw at 402-598-0639 or about qualifications to attend. 

  • Review of Safety and weapons handling skills

  • Marksmanship Fundamentals

  • Confirm 50-200 yard zero

  • Traditional positional and Unorthodox Position shooting 

  • Moving and shooting 

  • Use of cover and real environmental cover ie. vehicles

  • Small unit (2 man) tactical movement

  • "Run and gun" courses of fire

  • Multiple target and environmental position building

  • Handgun transitional skills and problem solving

  • Vehicle Fighting Tactics- counter ambush tactics

  • Medical plan review


AR-15, SCAR M4 Platform

Min 3, M4 mags 

Handgun and min 3 magazines

Belt with magazine pouches for both weapon systems/chest rig or load bearing armor

400 plus rounds for Rifle/Carbine (more is better)

150 rounds for handgun 

Appropriate range attire for weather

Brimmed hat

Eye and ear protection 

Sack lunch

Plenty of water


Call Devin Crinklaw 402-598-0639 to register.


Empty Hand Combative Skills Course Level 1

(This is not a  Martial arts class! )


This is a western style combatives course that is focused around simple gross motor skills that can be learned in a minimal training session and literally executes in the parking lot if you were acostaed after leaving the course. These are 'ON DEMAND' Skills that work under sudden violence conditions that anyone can learn and employ. When you need physical skills to keep you safe, you need them now, not 5 years from now.


Topics of the Level 1 course include:

  • Prevailing Mindset

  • Combat Physiology 

  • Non Aggressive Postures

  • Spatial Control 

  • Close Quarters Combat stance

  • Combative Movement "Combative shuffle"

  • Universal Defense Technique

  • Close quarter strikes and gross motor targeting

  • Power Development Methods 

  • Interactive training with a partner/s


This a physical class and participants may train to their capabilities. These skills are easy to learn and require only minimal maintenance  to maintain their effectiveness.


Xtreme Edged Weapon Tactics level 1 


This program of instruction on Edged Weapons Tactics is based on Western Knife Combatives. This program is principle-based, not technique-based and is easy to learn, it requires simple gross motor movements and it is easily maintained with minimal periodic practice.  This course is for anyone who is interested in learning simple methods of employing an edged weapon for extreme close quarter violent encounters.


  • Safety Brief for Live Blade Usage

  • Case Studies 

  • Intro to Use of Force 

  • Predatory Assault Cues

  • Identifying Primary Attack Methods

  • Unarmed Combative Skills Integration Methods

  • Sudden Violence Disruption Methods

  • Live blade draws from concealment 

  • Edged Weapon Methods of Application

  • Offensive Edged Weapon Techniques

  • Defensive use of Edged Weapon

  • Bio-mechanical Cutting Skills

  • Principle-based Defense against Edged Weapon Assaults (EWA) 

  • “Startle Flinch” Response to counter the (EWA), not technique based


Xtreme Home Security Course


A custom designed course conducted at your home with your family.  

Starting from $400 for 4-5 hour custom course plus 1 hour range. (Range fee and ammo is not included)

  • Vulnerability Assessment of Home’s Physical Security features.

  • Weapons safety, handling, loading/unloading and live fire exercises at local range.

  • Use of a handheld and weapon mounted flashlights.

  • How to identify and use cover and concealment in your home.

  • Intro to empty hand close quarters combatives and improvised weapons.

  • How to put together a home and travel, trauma kit. 

  • Develop and drill emergency “Home Invasion” response plan.


Contact for more information or to schedule a custom course for your home and family!

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