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Advanced Tactical Carbine Shooting and Tactics Course
Law Enforcement and Military Only
Bellevue Nebraska Police Department

June 6-7, 2022



The ability to respond effectively in a rapidly evolving tactical encounters is largely determined not by ones’ previous training, but by their primal response to that particular threat and how they perceive it at that point in time. This course recognizes limitations that traditional “one way, flat range” theory based training that has been the norm in Law Enforcement for decades.
This “Behaviorally based” course will attempt to match the proper Neuro-muscular skill to the context of each physical drill, scenario, etc. It guarantees a challenge to all comers. Gunfights are won and lost in milliseconds. The ability to rapidly assess, discriminate and apply the fundamentals under duress are significant factors in prevailing in any combative environment. This course will take the end user beyond simply shooting fundamentals and teach the student how to think critically and problem solve while fighting with a rifle or carbine and how it should be employed in short to intermediate range battle areas that the operator may find themselves in. This course is physically demanding.


Course TUITION : $249.00
To register call or Email Devin Crinklaw - / 402-598-0639 

Course Content:
• Combat Zeroing 50-200 Yards (engagement drills to 300 plus yards)
• Marksmanship principles and fundamentals 
• Field Lecture on Context, Human Nature, Proof and how they relate to Flat range drills  
• Review of Weapon manipulations for fighting with a carbine
• Point shooting Module for Handgun and Carbine
• Maximizing Complex Environments - Building artificial support positions for shots on demand
• Timed Positional Shooting “Run and Gun drills”- varied distances
• Diagnostic approach to weapon stoppages, Immediate, Remedial and Corrective actions
• Fight sustainability methods / Reloads and Transitions
• Theory of Dynamic Lateral Movement and Application
• Behaviorally based use of Cover  
• Dynamic fighting drills for solo and 2 man teams
• Gunshot Wound care under fire lecture, demo, and drills
• Vehicle Fighting Tactics to include: Bails out and Counter Ambush methods

Required Equipment:
Magazine fed - carbine or rifle e.g. AR15, M4 
Tactical Sling for Rifle/ Carbine
700 Rounds of Rifle Carbine ammo 
Min 3 Magazines for rifle or carbine (more is better)
Serviceable Handgun - 3 magazines for handgun
150 rounds of handgun ammo 
Holster for handgun 
Method for carrying magazines/ support equip. 
Body armor and Load out/response equipment
Small Pack for shooting off or Small lightweight shooting bag/s.
Proper range attire
Brimmed hat 
Eye and Ear protection
Water and Sack lunch (We will not break for extended lunch. (We want to maximize range time and down time will be minimal).

Detachable Bi-pod
Rear Sand Sock, bag  
Knee pads (Highly recommended)
Shooting mat
Camera/recording devices
Note taking material

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